A Few Faves – September

Hello all! The month is coming to a close. I’ve decided to try out a new “series” (if you can even call it that) where I share some of the things that I have been really enjoying each month. They may be products, ideas, places, websites, etc. I’m not involved with direct sales/MLM companies anymore so there won’t be any of that. If I include any links from the (very) few companies I’m an affiliate with, I’ll be sure to let you know.

I hope these monthly posts can maybe introduce some new things to you, maybe some new companies. Since cleaning up my eating habits, household cleaning products, and self care products over the last several years, I tend to search more for the “little guys”. I’ve found that individual companies/small businesses are the ones doing really great things.

Coconut vinegar – If you’ve heard of the benefits of apple cider vinegar for digestion, coconut vinegar works similarly. There’s a bonus though: Coconut trees typically grow in very nutrient rich soil compared to apple trees. The result is a vinegar that can be used in all the same ways as apple cider vinegar, but with additional nutrients, particularly minerals. Lately, I’ve been drinking about 1/2 tablespoonful in 5-6 ounces of water prior to eating to help get my stomach acid ready for digestion.

Modern Mamas Podcast – This is a newly released podcast, so they’re only about 15 or 16 episodes in at the time of writing this. I’ve listened to every one of them, and they’re fantastic. The hosts, Jess and Laura, talk all things motherhood, from nutrition, to fitness, to postpartum life, sleeping habits of the littles, pregnancy, and more. Their atmosphere here is a completely judgment free zone and they’ve already had some awesome guests on like Liz Wolfe and Megan Blacksmith. Definitely check it out.

Mother’s Milk tea – This tea is by Traditional Medicinals and has been saving my life lately. My baby boy seems to be a bottomless pit the last few weeks so I’ve been drinking this tea like crazy. It’s full of herbs that have been traditionally known to help boost milk supply, like fennel and fenugreek. I’ve had supply issues with my first two babies and had already started supplementing with formula when they were this age, so the fact that I’m still keeping up is making me feel like a superstar.

Elderberries – Since cold and flu season is right around the corner, I ordered a 4 ounce bag of dried elderberries from Mountain Rose Herbs earlier this month to keep on hand for the arrival of sickness. As luck would have it, both of my older kiddos came down with fairly nasty colds soon after it arrived (most likely thanks to the start of school and being exposed to a ton of germs again). So I went ahead and made a batch of elderberry syrup, recipe from Wellness Mama. It’s actually really tasty. Their colds seemed to lighten up within a day and were gone in about three days. I took some as well to help ward off any possibilities and hopefully pass on some immune boosting power to the baby through breastmilk since it’s advised not to give babies under 1 elderberry syrup. (It’s not about the elderberries. It’s because the syrup is made with raw honey.) I had a bunch leftover, so I put that in the freezer for next time.

Root Vitality collagen peptides – I love love love collagen peptides. I add it to anything I can, most often being coffee and tea. I’ve also added it to oatmeal my kids like for breakfast and homemade muffins. While I love Vital Proteins, they get pricey after a while to constantly purchase. I used Great Lakes too, but the last few containers I purchased were not dissolving like they used to. I recently found this brand, Root Vitality, and it’s been lovely. It dissolves perfectly and has zero taste. It’s also significantly cheaper than other brands, found at just $16 on Amazon. A big concern with collagen is finding glyphosate in it. I did contact the company shortly after purchasing to ask if this product is tested. They responded quickly and told me their collagen is extensively tested by a 3rd party laboratory and glyphosate is undetected.

I’d love to hear if you have any of these in your life already, or if you try any of them for the first time! Keep me posted!

In Good Health,

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