Affiliate Disclosure

Some posts may contain affiliate links. This means I may receive a small commission from the company if you make a purchase through the link I shared. It does not change the cost for you, but allows me to continue to provide free content. Thank you for your support.

I am able to choose which companies with whom to be affiliated. I only recommend products I purchase myself from companies I trust.

An affiliate is very different from a consultant, distributor, or any kind of direct sales associate from an MLM company. As an affiliate for any company, I am able to share my product recommendation in a relevant manner. If you choose to use that link to make a purchase, awesome! If not, though, that’s totally fine too because I’m not being pressured by anyone to meet sales quotas, build teams, or send out spammy emails.

I may occasionally recommend Beautycounter products in a relevant post. As a Beautycounter consultant, those links will take you directly to shop with me for those products. If you make a purchase with me as your consultant, I will receive a commission. Thank you for your support in my business.

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