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Deodorant and Your Fertility Health

There are a select number of products that we use on a daily basis. One of those items, for most people, is deodorant. As part of the basic hygiene routine, it’s important to know what is actually in this product. More importantly to some, how can this product actually affect one’s fertility health and ability… Continue reading Deodorant and Your Fertility Health

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Fall Fertility Foods

Are you eating seasonally? Eating foods that are available seasonally is one of the many ways to maximize your nutrients. When foods are “in season”, it means they are at their peak freshness, most widely available, and often times the cheapest in comparison to the rest of the year. Even though some foods may be… Continue reading Fall Fertility Foods

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Pregnancy-safe Cold/Flu Remedies

Hellooo friends! I’ve been taking a break from blog/social media things this month and have been focusing more on getting my nutrition business started. It’s still a process but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve learned, what I’ve decided on, and I’ve definitely taken a few steps forward. Doing the biz thing while doing the mom thing… Continue reading Pregnancy-safe Cold/Flu Remedies