Clean Beauty

How many products do you use on your skin on a daily basis? Think about it. Women use, on average, 12 personal care products each day. Do you know about the ingredients in yours?

Your skin is your largest organ.

It’s a bit odd to think about your skin as an organ because we usually think brain or heart first when we hear the word organ, but it’s true. Your skin is your largest organ. It’s also an entrance to your blood stream for certain things, which is where the importance of knowing what’s in your products comes in.

Have you ever thought about who is actually regulating the skin care products and makeup on the shelves? Who’s creating them? Testing them? Making sure they’re safe? What would you say if I told you the last time a law was passed that regulated the beauty industry was….


I hope that at least would give you pause before applying another product. With all that’s changed since that year, all the new developments, the new discoveries, and the inventions, it’s scary to know that the laws haven’t changed in 80 years for these products that go on our skin and most often sit there all day being absorbed into our bloodstream.

Did you know beauty/skin care manufacturers decide for themselves what ingredients are safe to use and can put hundreds of ingredients into a product and most of them are completely unregulated?

The United States has only 30 ingredients from personal care products!

So many of the ingredients that are used in so many products are things like preservatives and fragrance. The biggest problem with preservatives like parabens and phthalates are known endocrine disruptors. It’s known, yet they’re still used because of lack of regulation. Fragrance, another hormone disruptor, is a huge problem because this is actually the industry’s biggest trade secret. This means that when you see the words “fragrance” on a label, it can be made up of hundred to thousands different potentially harmful chemicals and the manufacturer doesn’t have to disclose what they are.

Health conditions are on the rise, including infertility, which is what may have even brought you to my website. Applying products with hormone disrupting chemicals truly can have a huge impact on your reproductive health. These ingredients make their way into your bloodstream and attach to cells in the hormone receptor site (like a lock and key effect) which blocks the real hormone from getting there. So the cells think they have hormones, but these things don’t actually do the work of hormones so the whole process is thrown off.

Allow me to introduce Beautycounter.

Beautycounter is a beauty and skin care company working to get safer products into the homes of everyone. I’ve chosen to align myself with this mission because, just like being a nutritional therapist, it’s about educating people about their health. Food matters, yes. So does what is applied to our skin.

Beautycounter isn’t just another company though. We are pushing for change. We are meeting with our elected officials from all over the country bringing awareness to this topic and fighting for better regulation.

I’ve been using Beautycounter products since early 2016, and joined as a consultant mid 2018. I’ve completely revamped my beauty routine to using these safer (but high-performing!) products and couldn’t be happier.

Here are a few of my personal favorites:







Spreading the word about the importance of safer skin care is a passion that runs deep for me, especially in the world of baby making. If this is something that you want to share too, we need more voices, we need your help! Being part of the Beautycounter movement has been rewarding and fulfilling as I work with an amazing group of like-minded women.

Learn more about joining the movement and the products HERE, or contact me at