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Should You Detox Before Getting Pregnant?

”Detox” is a bit of a trendy word being thrown around right now. It’s seen as the secret key to ultimate health, or maybe sort of that quick fix to all your health problems. A common question surrounding detoxing is whether or not you should do some sort of detox prior to getting pregnant.

This is a valid question especially when taking into account our daily exposure to all sorts of toxins and chemicals. The truth is that when we do get these things out of our bodies, we are certainly better off. However, timing is key. So the question is, should you detox before getting pregnant?

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My answer is: It depends. There are a few questions you’ll want to ask yourself prior to embarking on a detox journey.

1. Do you have a detox specialist to work with?

A detox, especially one geared towards the removal of heavy metals, is not something to do on your own. This is not the time to consult Dr. Google and hit up the Amazon Pharmacy for a bunch of “standard protocol” supplements. A specialized detox is one that needs to be done correctly and safely. Someone specifically trained in detox can help guide you on using the proper herbs needed to release stored toxins in a way that’s safe and effective.

Choosing to work on your own may end up doing more harm and than good.

2. Is your digestion tract in good working function?

During a detox, whether a manipulative one or natural detox that occurs daily, toxins are moved from the body via the digestive tract. Unwanted materials are sent to the liver to be conjugated and then sent to the gallbladder to hitch a ride on the bile and travel through the digestive tract to exit the body. Digestion needs to be working properly in order for this to work. If there is something happening like sludgy bile, a leaky gut, or constipation, any of these things might end up causing the toxins to be reabsorbed and returned to circulation. These recirculating toxins might cause some damage as they can get stored somewhere else. (More about digestion here.)

*The detox specialist you work with should be addressing this! This may even take a few months of working JUST on digestion, before even starting on the detox.

3. Are you willing to actively prevent pregnancy for a period of time?

This one might be tough, but it’s very important. A gentle detox can take a few months. This is a time in which it’s absolutely imperative to prevent pregnancy. If a pregnancy were to occur during an active detox, it’s very possible for any of those free floating toxins to cross the placenta and reach the fetus. It’d even be highly recommended to continue to prevent pregnancy for an additional two to three months to be on the safe.

It may be disheartening in the moment to keep having to prevent pregnancy. In the long run, though, it is can be safer for you and that future baby.

So back to the question, “Should you detox before getting pregnant?”, if you can answer “yes” to all of these questions, then a detox may be very beneficial as part of your preconception plan.

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