Do You Have Questions?

Hi there,

I saw you started the check out process for the 10 Day Preconception/Fertility Mini-Course. Do you have questions about it? Hesitations?

A common one I hear a lot is “Can nutrition really help me get pregnant or even make a difference?” My answer to that question is a VERY enthusiastic


Now, that said, nutrition won’t be the answer for every single case. There are several situations out there that just can’t be completely turned around with just nutrition and simple lifestyle changes. However, for many couples, it IS the answer! I know it’s hard to believe, because we all know that person who couldn’t care less about being healthy, and she got pregnant no problem and has a healthy baby. It doesn’t seem fair. For others, the internal environment is more sensitive to things like nutrient deficiencies, stress, and inflammation. And even if you’re not struggling to conceive or you’re just starting this journey, improving your nutrition status before becoming pregnant will only make more nutrients available for baby, and lead you into a healthier pregnancy.

Making healthy changes is never a bad idea.

I still understand your hesitation though. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! Email me anytime at