Feed Your Fertile Body!

  • the newlywed couple who want to grow their family anytime in the future
  • the couple who is just starting to try to conceive
  • the couple experiencing miscarriages
  • the couple having trouble conceiving
  • the couple preparing for fertility treatments
  • the couple with “unexplained infertility”
  • the couple who wants the nutrition information and to connect with others in a similar stage of life
  • the couple wanting to work at their own pace but still have access to a certified nutrition professional to ask questions


The Feed Your Fertile Body! Program will guide you through the steps you need to add fertility-promoting foods, along with lifestyle strategies into your daily life. Each module presents information and action steps to guide you through small changes and help you achieve big results!

Lesson 1: Best kept secrets about fats and fertility

Lesson 2: Sugar, not such a sweet deal after all

Lesson 3: Basic techniques of proper food preparation

Lesson 4: Boost fertility by decreasing inflammation

Lesson 5: Improving protein digestion and mineral absorption

Lesson 6:  Gut reactions: how our intestinal microbiota affects us, generation after generation

With the addition of an electronic file workbook full of information, resources, and nutrient-dense recipes, we will work together over Zoom calls to dive deep into each lesson and get all your questions answered in a live format.

This course can be taught to a single couple or as a group course with other couples. *If you have a friend in a similar stage of life, join together and we will proceed as a group!

Total Investment: $245.00

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