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Holiday Gift Guide Part 1: The Woman Trying to Conceive

The holiday season is upon us, friends! It’s that time of year where you get to surprise your loved ones with thoughtful gifts that are hopefully received with gratitude. Sometimes, though, finding that perfect thoughtful gift can be quite a task. I’ve put together a gift guide specifically geared toward a special time of life that can come with quite a variety of emotions.

When a couple is actively trying to conceive, it can be a very private, personal, and maybe even an emotional time and situation. There’s a good chance this woman and her partner have been through more than what they’ve discussed with others, including you. Gifts specifically relating to fertility or babies, though probably come from a well-intentioned place, are likely not actually helpful. Aim for gifts that can help fertility in an indirect way by supporting their general health, and avoid gifts like fertility bracelets and pregnancy test bouquets that may be an emotional trigger.


Conventional skin care products can contain many chemicals that are endocrine disruptors and may actually be interfering with fertility. Give the gift of natural skin care to help them avoid some potentially dangerous ingredients while still feeling pampered. There are gifts for the man here too! These are a few of my favorite companies for safe skin care products:

     Primal Life Organics – I love PLO for effective products that use all natural ingredients for areas like dental care, skin and body care, and even men’s products. My favorite PLO product is the Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder in peppermint.

     Primally Pure – This is a beautifully clean company that uses ingredients like tallow from grass fed cows, and packages many of their their products in glass jars and bottles. Primally Pure is my go-to for deodorant and I love the Everything Spray!

     100% Pure – 100% Pure is an all natural skin care company with excellent products, many of them vegan. They cover all the beauty bases with skin care, hair care, fruit pigmented makeup, and even nail polish. The vanilla bean body butter is my favorite!

     Beautycounter – I love Beautycounter for when I want a product that feels high end, but without the junk ingredients. This new-ish company is making waves in the beauty industry fighting for ingredient transparency because we deserve to know what we are really using and the effects it can have on our health. They’ve got some amazing makeup and body care products, and even some new men’s products. If you don’t have a consultant already, check out my friends Gina and Beth. They both take great care of their customers!


Yoga can be extremely beneficial for relaxation and is a great form of gentle fitness. These are both helpful for the adrenals and therefore fertility because if the adrenals are stressed, reproduction might be taking a back seat. A great gift in this area could be a new nontoxic yoga mat (like one from Manduka.com), apparel like nonslip yoga socks or pants, or even a membership to a local yoga studio.


Meaning a book unrelated to fertility or babies. What makes a book a good one is different for everyone so you’ll need to know her reading preferences, but the purpose is to help her relax and stop thinking about her (their) fertility journey for a while. Having this constantly on her mind can be added emotional stress and that’s not conducive to conceiving. Some of my favorite authors are Jodi Picoult and Sarah Jio, if you need an idea for light reading. Maybe even throw in some magnesium bath salts for additional self care and helpful minerals.


Essential oils have unlimited benefits. Even if she isn’t quite into this side of the health journey, just replacing chemical laden air fresheners or toxic candles in the house with a diffuser can really make a positive difference in fertility health. There are many brands out there, but Young Living and DoTerra are a couple great ones and both offer starter kits that would make fantastic gifts. To learn more about Young Living, head over to my sister-in-law, Crystal. If DoTerra is more your cup of tea, get in contact with my friend, Shannon!


When it comes to fertility health, healthy fats are crucial. Gift her some good quality ghee to ensure the couple consumes some healthy fats to help make those sex hormones and nourish the adrenals. Ghee is a stable cooking fat so it’s totally safe at high heat. Aim for one that is from grass-fed pasture-raised cows for maximum quality. Check out 4th & Heart and Pure Indian Foods ghee. Both have a gift/sampler set that’s sure to please. If this is a new-to-her product, offer to make a dish with it, or include a healthy cookbook with the gift like Practical Paleo.

Fertility journeys are often a sensitive time, so be sensitive to the people involved and prevent those emotional triggers. There are plenty of things that can be supportive of fertility without actually having anything to do with it. Keep in mind it’s also not necessary to explain the purpose of your gift in relation to fertility, unless they ask. So keep the comments like “This might help you conceive because….” to yourself. Even those strong woman who constantly wear a brave face may be hurting inside. Sensitivity is the key. (Parents waiting for grandchildren, this goes for you too.) Happy shopping!

Stay tuned for the Gift Guide Part 2, shopping for the pregnant woman.

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