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Holiday Gift Guide Part 3: The New Mama

Do you have a woman in your life who recently had a baby and you’re wondering what to get for her this holiday season? With a new baby in tow, new mamas barely have a second to think about themselves and things they may want or need. This goes for a woman who just had her first baby, or her fifth (or any other number). Newborns require a lot of care, and the rockstar new mama instinctively puts herself second. Aim for a gift that can genuinely help her cope with this chaotic exhausting period.


Thrive Market is an online service similar to something like “Whole Foods meets Amazon”. They carry a plethora of different clean brands of food, baby items, pet necessities, and household items. Ordering from here does require a membership, but the convenience of this service for the new mama can be really helpful in getting good food in the house.


Meals are one of those necessary evils that have to get done but are so difficult to actually get to when caring for a newborn and recovering from giving birth. It’s so easy to want to rely on convenience foods, but this is a critical time for the new mama to focus on good quality nourishment for recovery, energy, and breast milk production if she’s breastfeeding. Services like Pete’s Paleo and SunBasket can provide meals right to her door with high quality ingredients, combined with the convenience of a ready to prepare meal.


This probably doesn’t sound like much of a “wrap it up with a pretty bow” kind of gift but the nutrients found in liver are so amazing, including for a new mama who’s sleep deprived and recovering. According to the Weston A Price Foundation, beef liver also has an unidentified “anti-fatigue factor”. This sounds kind of perfect for a tired mom. Quality brands like Vital Proteins and Perfect Supplements are the way to go here to be sure the liver came from a healthy animal.


Things get a bit hectic and chaotic when a new baby joins a family. Help this new mama keep things organized and her mind at ease with a fancy planner where she can write everything down, instead of trying to remember everything (or anything, really, at this stage). While she likely, and hopefully, isn’t out doing all the things like grocery shopping and tons of housework, a planner is always handy for a mom. I love detailed ones like Emily Ley or Erin Condren.


If there’s one thing this new mama should be drinking, besides water, it’s bone broth. Full of amino acids, collagen, gelatin, and trace minerals, bone broth is basically a superfood for her. It’s easy to make it at home, but it does take time and time isn’t always a friend of moms, especially those with bitty babes. If you can’t make her a couple batches of bone broth yourself, lean on a company that can provide quality broth to her front door. With Kettle & Fire, you can choose between beef or chicken broth. You can even choose between a one time delivery, or a subscription for regular future deliveries.


Collagen is incredibly healing to the gut and a great source of easy to digest protein. Among the full amino acid profile is glycine. Glycine has been shown to help improve digestion, fight fatigue, promote better sleep, and calms the nerves. These are all things a new mama can benefit from. Collagen can easily be added to just about anything, from applesauce to casseroles to coffee without affecting taste. Quality is important here so go with a trusted brand, like Vital Proteins collagen peptides.


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