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Holiday Gift Guide Part 2: The Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy is often a very joyous time for a woman and her partner. Every thought, every move, every bite of food, and every book or article read is all about that growing bundle of love. She’s likely made list upon list of baby items that are needed. However, this holiday, give her a gift that is for her and her own health. Taking care of her health IS taking care of the baby, but it allows the mama to feel cared for as her own person.


This book provides some very necessary guidance on renourishing the new mama after her baby is born. The early postpartum period is a very trying time for many moms, and often her wellbeing gets swept under the rug as life suddenly becomes all about the baby. Her recovery is just as important, and this book can give some nourishing recipes to help. Pregnancy is the perfect time to gift this book because once baby is here, she won’t have time to read it, and it’ll allow her time to prep some recipes ahead of time.


One of the most common concerns for a woman during pregnancy is stretch marks, particularly on her ever-growing belly. There are a lot of creams and lotions out there promising to prevent them, but at what cost? Many have questionable ingredients in them as well. Check out products like this Belly Serum from Primal Life Organics or the Body Butter from 100% Pure for a clean but nourishing product.


In my experience, tea is so comforting during pregnancy (and anytime really, in my opinion). However, so many teas are full of toxins whether on the leaves themselves for non-organic brands, or even right there in the tea bag material. Pregnancy is no time to be messing around with toxins, so gift this pregnant mama a cute tea infuser, like this one or this one, for loose leaf tea. Speaking of loose leaf tea, add in a bag of quality tea like one from Mountain Rose Herbs and maybe a new pretty mug.


I think every pregnant woman should get some professional photos taken. There is such beauty in pregnancy, even though the mama-to-be might not always feel beautiful. Professional photographers that specialize in maternity know how to capture this beauty. Research your local area (or her local area) and purchase a photography session so she can remember this beautiful and joyous time with timeless photos of her and her growing belly.


Everyone deserves an awesome pair of super comfy slippers. Pregnancy can sometimes be uncomfortable and a good pair of slippers can provide some much needed comfort. These can also be brought to the hospital during the birth if she wants, and once baby is born, she likely won’t be leaving the house much and slippers will come in handy!

When purchasing a gift for a pregnant woman, try to get it for her, instead of it being about the baby. Sure she’s going to need a bunch of stuff for this new stage of her life but really, that’s what the baby shower is for! Keep this gift as something for her and it is sure to be appreciated!

Be sure to go back and check out Part 1: The Woman Trying to Conceive, and stay tuned for the final Part 3: The New Mama.

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