Month 2 at Nutritional Therapy Association

Is it just me or did April fly by?!  I’ve pretty much had my nose in the books this month trying my best to soak up all the amazing information I’m learning at NTA!


This month was much more intense than the first because now we are really getting into the major topics.  For that reason, I only covered 2 modules….but insanely interesting modules!

Module 4 – Digestion & Elimination (second half)

Module 5 – Blood Sugar Regulation

Module 6 – Fatty Acids. (About half way through)

I love that the way these modules are taught are first the normal function and then the dysfunction.  I mean really, you can’t learn about something going wrong without understanding WHY it’s wrong and what is actually supposed to happen.

My favorite lesson this month was probably the digestion section.  It was so amazing to me to learn how the body is so finely tuned to perform such a huge task multiple times a day as breaking down our food to absorb parts for energy and health, while moving it through this crazy pathway and it has a million little pieces to the puzzle where each piece has its own special job.  If one of them breaks down, it affects the whole system.

My favorite book this month was  Adrenal Fatigue.


This is a subject I truthfully didn’t know a ton about.  Ok, hardly anything.  One part I found pretty disturbing was the section explaining the methods for which this condition is tested….or rather, not tested.  A big reason it’s not given more priority is because there’s no ICD code and without that code, insurance won’t recognize the diagnosis…and therefore no payment.  Hmmm…..

I’m working on finishing up Module 6 and can then spend time reviewing the last 6 modules before I attend my workshop in 2 weekends!!  I am so excited to meet everyone.  I know it’s going to be so mentally exhausting and stimulating and intriguing and I’m looking SO forward to it!!

In good health,


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