Month 3 at Nutritional Therapy Association

Happy First Day of June!  I think this is my second favorite month…the first being October because who doesn’t love the colors and smells and briskness of a lovely October day?  June, however, is just so pretty and green and hot enough that you definitely want to be outside soaking up all that sun but not too hot where it’s miserable…at least not here in VA.  I’d surely have a different opinion if we still lived in Arizona.

Starting my day here with a drop of Peppermint in my coffee!  I’m truthfully not big on the whole ingesting side of my oils, even though I do trust that it’s totally safe with Young Living.  Just not my thing to go crazy with.  There are, however, a select few I love to add to beverages.  🙂   Peppermint is one of them, particularly in my coffee!

peppermint coffee

The month of May went by really quickly between having our first workshop at NTA, followed by a week off of studying which I happily took advantage of, and then we had our daughter’s birthday, the end of the school year, and her birthday party…plus we all had a round of sickness!

So with all that, there’s not much that went on in terms of studying this month.

Module 6 – Fatty Acids (completed last half)

Module 6R – Midterm Exam Review

Module 7 – Minerals

I spent the most time on the Midterm Review.  Our midterm happens at our next workshop in August, and will cover our first six modules as well as performing a Functional Evaluation on a fellow student acting as a client.  Super nervous, but I am really trying to put the time in to practice.  It’s really interesting how it all comes together with the practice client….You interview the client, check out their food journal, do some symptom graphing on your own, then perform the Functional Evaluation and even some Lingual Neuro Testing….and you can see how their past food habits have affected whatever is now present in their body through the evaluation.

The book assigned to Module 6 was called Know Your Fats by Mary Enig.  I have to honest here, since I’ve been choosing a favorite book each month….this was not my favorite.  It was a very technical book…almost textbook.  To me, it was very difficult to read since it never really grabbed my attention.  It’s a great book to have as a reference, but that’s it, in my opinion.  And since Module 7 had no book assignment, I suppose it’s safe to leave that part blank this month.  Womp Womp….

So I’m moving right along in my studies.  I didn’t realize this when I started, but the modules are broken into two sets/parts.  Part 1 covers the foundations of nutrition, while part 2 covers the consequences.  This means that if the foundation areas, things like digestion and blood sugar regulation, are functioning in a less than ideal manner, other areas of the body can be affected…along with the direct effects of the dysfunction.  This program continues to blow my mind!


So I’ll just leave this graphic here with you today.  I think it’s such a great tool to follow when we are on a quest to feel our best on a regular basis.  We’ve been so programmed to believe that “sun is bad” and all these myths about nutrition and that we don’t need all that much water…and that pills can cure all.  It’s just not the case.  I truly believe these are the six best doctors for our health.

best docs

In good health,


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