My 4th Trimester Skincare Faves

Hello 4th trimester! Aka zombie mode, survival mode, whatever you want to call it. It’s a time where personal care for yourself often goes to the backburner so appearances may be…well, a bit rough. 

Life with a newborn, plus 2 other kids. Basically time is not my own, so while I do make an effort to care for my skin both nutritionally and with products, I don’t really have much of an established routine. I do, however, have a few favorite products.


Nourishing Cream Cleanser – I used to use some really rough exfoliators years ago because I had milia on my face. I assumed that’s what I needed, but it didn’t help. I started to notice it slowly went away as I cleaned up my eating habits over the last few years. Now I see my skin does much better with gentle hydrating cleansers, and this is exactly that. It took me a long time to find a cleanser I really love but I found it!


Nourishing Day Cream – This is one of 2 moisturizers I will choose from in the morning, depending on what my day looks like. It absorbs really quickly and leaves my face feeling so nourished and smooth all day.


Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer – This is a newer product for me but I absolutely love it! I’ve never been a foundation person…seriously, not even on my wedding day. This is the closest I will get. It’s kind of a perfect compromise, so this is the moisturizer I turn to for mornings when I know I’ll be heading out of the house very soon. With the Dew Skin, I get a moisturizer, a bit of makeup coverage, and sun protection all in one quick step. Perfection for a busy mama!


No. 3 Balancing Mask – When I first purchased this mask, it was still called the charcoal mask. It was one of the first products I bought from Beautycounter and is partly responsible for my getting hooked on this company. I use this mask a few times a month as my own personal care time. My face feels amazing afterwards and I love the subtle peppermint scent.


No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil – This one is my favorite. I typically use this before bed after washing my face. Since it is a tad pricey to me, I will mix a few drops with my jojoba oil and apply the combo all over my face. Since using this, I’ve noticed that my skin really does have a healthy glow to it now. I’ve never had major problems with my skin, other than milia and the occasional breakout, but there was never anything special about my skin either. It was always just kind of…there. Now I have a certain radiance that I’m attributing to this oil. Plus I absolutely LOVE the orange scent that comes from the orange peel oil in it.

Though I am now a Beautycounter consultant, most of these have been favorites of mine since before that journey started.

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