My Favorite Pregnancy-Safe Skin Care Products

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I’m just going to say it.  I love being pregnant.  (Well..once the sickness part ends.)  It’s ok if you think I’m crazy.

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(29 weeks here)


I take this time to be as healthy as possible, and that includes what goes ON my body.  I mean, it all ends up inside anyway. The skin absorbs what it comes in contact with and a lot of it ends up in the bloodstream. That’s a big deal to me in itself, but especially during pregnancy. I want my little growing bundle of joy to be exposed to as little junk as possible. It’s been said in the past that the placenta does a really great job of filtering out toxins and shielding the baby from them. However, research has found that cord blood can contain around 200-300 chemicals. You can read about “the body burden” here. Of course there are things we are exposed to that we just simply have no control over. What I CAN control, though, is what I put directly on my skin.

For that reason, I tend to be a bit of a minimalist with beauty products, particularly during pregnancy, but at the same time, I do want to keep my skin nourished and protected during these growing and changing times. Here are some of my favorite skin care products that I love and feel totally comfortable using throughout my pregnancy.



Face: Beautycounter Nourishing Day Cream


I love this cream for morning applications.  This goes on so smooth and absorbs really quickly which is good for me. I’m pregnant, yes, but also a mom of two young kiddos.  So on busy school mornings where I’m trying to get us all out the door but have also chosen to apply some makeup in an effort of looking like I showed up for life that day, quick moisturizer absorption is key. It is lightweight and definitely keeps my face feeling nourished and hydrated all day.

I will typically remove my makeup as soon as I know I’m done leaving my house for the day, rather than leaving it on until right before bed. Following that wash, I love applying some natural nourishing oils.  My favorite way is to alternate days with coconut oil and jojoba oil.


Body/Belly: 100% Pure Whipped Body Butter or Homemade Whipped Body Butter

So here’s the deal. I know we’re all concerned with belly stretch marks, but I don’t use special belly products. A lot of them either have junky ingredients, aren’t that different from regular body moisturizers, have oils that take forever to absorb and stain my clothes, or have oils that break down and go rancid if I don’t use it all quickly enough. Not to mention, they’re usually pretty pricey which would make me want to use less! So I prefer to get a really nourishing all over body butter that I can enjoy totally slathering on.

For a purchased product, I HIGHLY recommend the body butter from 100% Pure! It’s thick and luxurious, smells amazing, and is incredibly nourishing. I love that their products are all natural and completely free of harmful toxins!


If you enjoy DIY products, I absolutely love my homemade whipped body butter!  Here’s the recipe:

1/2 cup Shea butter, 1/2 cup grass fed beef tallow, 1/2 cup coconut oil, 5 tablespoons jojoba oil, 20 drops Frankincense essential oil (optional/changeable – but make sure it’s a safe one)

body butter1


-Place the shea butter, tallow, and coconut oil in a glass bowl placed over a small saucepan with a few inches of water and heat until melted.

body butter2

-Remove the bowl from heat and allow to cool to room temperature.

-Once it’s reached room temp, add in the jojoba oil and essential oil (if using).

-At this point, I put it in the fridge until it’s solidified.

-Remove bowl from fridge and let it soften for 10-15 minutes. Using an electric mixer, gently start whipping the mixture working kind of in layers and gradually working your way down until it’s all whipped through.

body butter3 (I know it’s tempting but don’t eat it.)

-I store mine in a 12 ounce mason jar.  *For the record, all I smell is the shea which is fine with me. I don’t notice any “beef” smell.

If you really want something for the belly, definitely check out Primal Life Organics Belly Serum.  The ingredient list is SUPER clean!


Hands: Beautycounter Hand Cream in Citrus Mimosa


When I’m at home, I’ll just get a dab of one of my body butters for my hands. However, I need to keep something with me when I’m out and I prefer something in a squeeze tube for easy application. It also needs to be quickly absorbing and non-greasy since my hands are always doing something like holding a little one’s hand crossing the street, rummaging for keys, or driving. This cream is perfect for the task and an extra bonus is the lovely light citrus scent!


So there you have it, my favorite skin care products that I feel comfortable using during pregnancy, both for keeping my baby and me away from additional harmful ingredients as well as nourishing and protecting my skin. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that nutrition also plays a big role in skin health, especially during pregnancy. I mean, what kind of Nutritional Therapist would I be if I didn’t touch on the link between skin health and nutrition? There are nutrients that are helpful in improving the elasticity of the skin which is super important if you want to avoid pregnancy stretch marks while your body makes room for that growing baby! Foods that are high in collagen/gelatin (or adding collagen peptides to foods and/or drinks can also help), real food vitamins A, C, E, and a healthy balance of Omega 3’s and 6’s are helpful. Think of foods like bone broth, gelatin gummies, butter, grass-fed meats, pasture raised eggs, wild caught fish, coconut oil, leafy greens, citrus fruits, bell peppers, avocados, nuts and seeds, and liver (I use Vital Proteins Beef Liver capsules because…liver, and I just can’t). Don’t forget about hydration! Avoid foods that are highly processed, high in sugar, made with damaged oils like canola oil, poor quality meats, artificial sweeteners, and trans fats. Thankfully these guidelines are also very beneficial for the baby. It IS possible to prevent stretch marks through good nutrition and healthy skin care. 

Let me know if you try or already use any of these products. I’d also love to hear if you use and love any different products!

In good health,


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