Recipe Assignment #3

Hello and happy hump day!  It’s a bittersweet morning here for me as BOTH of my babies are now in school.  One in kindergarten, the other in preschool.  They love school and I love that, and as a busy mom I appreciate the few hours of quiet….but at the same time, I miss their craziness here during the day.

Anyway, I’m kind of “rounding third” when it comes to my studies at NTA so I’m pretty excited!  My most recent assignment was another new recipe.  I kind of love these assignments.  They are things I’ve shied away from but now that I’ve made them myself, stepped out of my comfort zone a bit, I feel like I can relay my experiences to others better.

For this assignment, I made herb crackers.  I chose to make crackers because truthfully, they are a product that’s hard for me to justify purchasing.  My children love all sorts of crackers, but they are a highly processed food with not-so-great ingredients.

Refined salt

MSG (monosodium glutamate)




Artificial flavors

“Natural flavors” (which aren’t actually natural at all!)

Refined flours

These are not things I want my family snacking on.  So I searched for a recipe to make my own, and found it in the Practical Paleo Holiday ebook.  Unfortunately I can’t post the actual recipe here, but the link will take you to the page to purchase the ebook for yourself.  (It’s not an affiliate link.)

Take a look at these ingredients.  So clean….I even used fresh rosemary from our own garden.


Mix everything together.


Wrap the dough ball in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 20-30 minutes.


Roll out out on parchment paper and cut into cracker shapes.  *This step is one I’ll have to improve on next time.  The edges ended up being much thinner than the center, which as you can imagine, led to some uneven browning.  So that’s something to work on. 😁


Hot from the oven and so delicious!


I was floored at how easy these were to make!  Just 7 simple ingredients.

This recipe is paired with a cheese spread in the book, but I’m actually not a big cheese fan.  Don’t hate me for saying that.  (My husband still doesn’t understand it, even after 9 years together. …But he doesn’t like mint, which is just crazy to me, so we balance each other out.)

I encourage you to check out this holiday book!

In good health,


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