Cherry Watermelon Probiotic Gummies

I used to love gummy bears as a kid. Fast forward to my love for nutrition and learning all about ingredients, let’s just say I no longer get excited for those little colorful bears.

While gummy candies in other countries have slightly cleaner ingredients, like natural dyes from fruits and vegetables, ours here in the US are still made with synthetic chemical food dyes. In addition to the dyes are things like corn syrup, artificial flavors and loads of sugar. Basically this is junk…so let’s make them better, shall we?

With a few ingredients, it’s very easy to make your own gummies and you can even play around with different flavors depending on the juices you use.

Here is my recipe for some delicious gummies!

Cherry Watermelon Probiotic Gummies


1/2 cup Black Cherry Juice

1/2 cup GT’s Watermelon Wonder kombucha

3 tbsp Grass Fed Gelatin (I use Vital Proteins, the green container)

1/3 cup raw honey

Pinch of sea salt

Some sort of gummy silicone gummy mold for fun shapes, or a baking dish (I used these molds, and filled almost 4 full trays)


(Before starting, it’s best to have your molds ready and a place in the fridge cleared to hold the molds. Silicone molds would be best placed on a flat surface for transfer, such as a cookie sheet, to prevent bending and therefore spilling.)

1. Gently heat the black cherry juice in a saucepan. Use the lowest heat setting.

2. Once heated, sprinkle in the gelatin just a tiny bit at a time and stir each time until dissolved. Be patient with this. It’s worth it to go slowly and prevent clumps.

3. After the gelatin is thoroughly dissolved, add in the kombucha and give a quick stir. IMPORTANT: Be sure the heat is still on the lowest setting as to not damage the probiotics in the kombucha.

4. Add in the honey and sea salt and stir until honey is dissolved.

5. If using molds, fill the molds with the hot mixture. If using a baking dish, just pour the mixture into the dish. Place your method of choice in the fridge for about an hour, depending on the thickness of your molds. They’re ready when they’re solid but gummy.

6. Pop the gummies out of the molds or slice into squares/shapes from the baking dish. Enjoy! (Store in refrigerator.)

Why probiotics?

Homemade gummies have gut-healing properties, thanks to the grass-fed gelatin. Take that one step further with the addition of probiotics, beneficial bacteria. These bacteria help to replenish the microbiome of the gut which plays a huge role in overall health.