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Support Your Liver to Prevent Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is one of the most common challenges women suffer during pregnancy. While there are many remedies floating around to treat morning sickness, a better approach, if possible, would be to prevent it all together.

There are a few different ways to try to prevent this dreaded condition, and they won’t all work for all women.

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So far, research hasn’t shown there to be one single cause of morning sickness that’s the same for all women. For some women, it has to do with blood sugar, others it’s nutrient deficiencies, and for others it’s a sluggish liver/gallbladder.

The liver regularly does about 500 jobs in the body. It’s a hardworking organ. One of those jobs is to filter the blood of chemicals, drugs, and hormones. The liver then sends these things over to the gallbladder so they can hitch a ride on the bile and make their way out of the body via the digestive tract.

During pregnancy, there are plenty of extra hormones to filter out on top of all the regular jobs. It’s important to keep the liver and gallbladder healthy to support this extra job as a burdened liver and unhealthy bile can result in nausea.

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Here are three ways to support your liver that you can start anytime:

Drink some lemon water each day.

Lemon water helps to support the liver in its long list of jobs it does in your body. This is a really easy way to keep the liver in good shape and ready to handle the extra job it’ll have during pregnancy dealing with all those additional hormones.

Eat beets and healthy fats.

Beets are amazing at flushing out the liver and gallbladder. Bonus: they’re full of folate which is a crucial nutrient in the preconception period in preventing neural tube defects in the baby.

Healthy fats like butter and coconut oil help keep the bile healthy. Healthy bile that flows easily is what you want and need for proper digestion, and therefore the elimination of toxins and chemicals that the liver has sent over for removal.

Reduce your toxin exposure.

By reducing the amount of toxins you’re exposed to, you’re reducing the burden on your liver, which makes the task of handling the extra hormones during pregnancy a bit easier. Look to your skincare products first and foremost as these products are directly applied to the skin and get absorbed into the bloodstream.

An extra bonus to reducing your toxin exposure is that you’ll end up with a healthier egg, as well as reduce your chances of miscarriage.

Here are a few great skincare and cosmetics companies to check out.

Prevention is always the best medicine.

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