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Why Work With an NTP?

It can be totally overwhelming when you decide to seek the help of a holistic professional. The field is quite saturated with “health coaches”, “specialists”, “wellness coaches” and “nutritionists”. And everyone is “certified”. A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) falls among these categories, but we also have, what I believe is, a leg up in the field.

When you choose to work with an NTP like me, I will not be using guess work and recommending the “best diet” on the market to you. Here’s why:

  • Everyone is different. You will have different needs from your spouse or your best friend or the lady that had the appointment before you. So why would I give you the same advice I gave to someone else just because it worked for that person? This is what we call bio-individuality.
  • NTPs are trained to respect the body and its innate intelligence and understand the signals it’s trying to send.

Read my nutritional philosophy here.

So how do I decide what to recommend?

Here’s where it gets fun. Along with chatting about your personal health history and your health goals, and discussing food journals, I will have you fill out a very detailed questionnaire to really help navigate your current symptoms. (It’s over 300 questions, so I’ll be able to provide a really good picture of what is happening in your individual body.)

I’ll make recommendations based on a combination of science, my training, your answers, and your goals.  Then after some time, you will do that questionnaire again to see the progress you’ve made. Take a look at this graph…

This is my personal graph, as I’ve been working to improve my own health over the last few months.

The red line is based on my original symptoms. The blue line is when I took the questionnaire again after making dietary and lifestyle changes in my own life. The goal is to have LOWER scores so the blue line shows definite improvement in most areas.

There are connections to be made when it comes to symptoms. NTPs are trained to make those connections and see the body as one whole being, instead of individual unrelated systems. For example, my need for more essential fatty acids and better sugar handling may have been affecting something about my hormones. Rather than just focusing on my hormones, or “symptom chasing”, I addressed fatty acids and sugar handling first. Then hormonal symptoms were eased. Pretty cool, right?

A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner is the only practitioner that has access to this kind of resource and training.

If you’re local and we work together in person, we will dive even DEEPER into your body’s innate intelligence with a hands-on portion (with your consent). This is the functional evaluation where I palpate very specific points along your body testing for tenderness (not pain). Then based on your questionnaire answers, and tenderness scores, I’ll use something called lingual neural testing to find out EXACTLY what else your body currently needs. This is another way I will tap into the innate intelligence. It’s really an amazing process.

What does this have to do with fertility health?

Well, quite a bit actually. Fertility is what I call a “secondary function”. This means that reproduction is not a function that’s considered necessary for the body to survive. If something else is happening in the body that is deemed more critical, even if it doesn’t seem like “anything major” to you, it can indeed be interfering with your body feeling safe enough to reproduce.

Something seemingly unrelated to reproduction may need to be addressed before conception can occur. There may be a nutrient deficiency that can interfere with egg or sperm health. There’s a lot that goes into preconception and fertility health.

Together, we will work to bring your body and your health back into balance, which alone can allow fertility to thrive. We will also support natural fertility at the same time to truly optimize your reproductive health and improve your chances of not only conceiving, but going on to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.

What about pregnancy and postpartum recovery?

”Eating for two” doesn’t mean what you think it might. Your nutrition plays a major role in your baby’s development! It also can be the deciding factor in the ease of your pregnancy, certain health conditions arising and how your labor/delivery goes. Recovery as you embrace your new role as mama can be totally influenced by nutrition and the needs of specific nutrients. Nutrition can mean the difference in experiencing conditions like gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, swollen ankles and hands, stretch marks, postpartum depression, and postpartum thyroiditis.

There’s so much more than “just taking a prenatal vitamin”!

Are you ready to improve your reproductive health? Are you looking for guidance to remedy specific health conditions and improve your quality of life? I offer both group courses (live online and in person) and individual packages (for preconception, pregnancy, and general wellness). If you have any questions, use the contact form below.

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