Workshop Weekend 1

Happy Thursday!  I’m writing this with some sort of neck “injury” on the left side.  Some sort of muscle strain and it is painful.  It’s basically a mom-injury.  I was cuddling on the couch yesterday with my 3 year old and we fell asleep.  I woke up with a super sore neck and since then, it hasn’t subsided.  While it was totally worth it, I’m thankful today for two things: 1) Thermacare heating pads – the ones that stick on your skin which means they’re portable!  They last up to 8 hours and provide heat directly to the area.  2) Some Young Living essential oils to help ease discomfort.  I love the combo of Panaway, Copaiba, and Lavender.

blog pics This is my “pain cream” that I use for different aches, including those that come around monthly.

So anyway, this past weekend, I attended my first of three workshops for Nutritional Therapy Association held in Herndon, VA.  I was so nervous at first, partly because I didn’t know what to expect or really what would be expected of me, or if I would really click with anyone, things like that.  Ever since the program started back in February, there’s always been this sense of community among all of us, even though it’s been strictly virtual up until this point through a class Facebook page and through our class website.  However, we all know our virtual selves can be a bit different from real life.  I have to say, though, that same sense of community was very present when we all finally met in person.  It felt a lot like we already knew each other and it was so wonderful to be amongst people who share the same values and understand your choices.  It’s the little things I notice….how we were all there with our glass water bottles (instead of bottles of soda or sports drinks), or wondering if the coffee is organic, or snacking on things like veggies and hummus or coconut chips rather than candy bars or potato chips.  Comforting.  🙂

This workshop was three full days.  With having no idea what to expect, I went to my hotel stocked full of homemade food!  Four of the mason jars had fiesta quinoa salad, and the other two had a basic salad with layers from bottom up of balsamic vinaigrette, cucumbers, strawberries, chicken, and spinach.  The yellow things front and center were egg muffins made with eggs, cheese, bacon, and spinach.  The balls in the bottom right are quite possibly my all-time favorite travel snack.  Energy bites!  Other munchies included some bananas and Justin’s almond butter packets (these are so handy and delicious), organic Tazo tea, plain baked chicken (with hot sauce!), sliced cucumbers, and Larabars.  Needless to say, I was well fed…however, there are definitely places I could improve upon for next time.  Like…maybe some coconut water for minerals, maybe some grass-fed jerky, coconut chips, and definitely needed some Kombucha!  How did I forget the Kombucha?!!


Our class has just under 50 people.  As I mentioned earlier, it was just so comforting to be surrounded by people with similar health values.

The first day, we did a lot of getting to know each other, practicing with each other in role-playing client/practitioner interviews, and reviewing our information we’ve learned on our own thus far.


Days two and three were full of the super interesting parts that can’t be taught by video.  That’s the Functional Evaluation and Lingual Neuro Testing.

What is Functional Evaluation? Simply put, the FE is a series of hands-on assessments that give the NTP helpful information about digestive strengths and weaknesses.  Some of the assessments involve palpation points on the body where the client can give a rating of how tender the area is when palpated.  Other tests involve things like blood pressure, pupillary responses, oral pH, and muscle recovery.  These tests that we covered this weekend are used to determine information about digestion…your stomach acid, how well your body utilizes fatty acids, if your adrenals are fatigued, etc.  It’s so interesting!

So just as you might imagine, we all played client at one point, laying on these tables being “tested” and other times we played practitioner doing the testing!


So now that we’ve covered FE, what is Lingual-Neuro Testing?  This is the part that, even though they talked about it in our video lectures, I didn’t fully understand until this weekend.  It blew me away.  Here’s what it is…Our bodies have this innate intelligence to know what it actually needs.  Humans have always had it, really.  Think to way back in the day when there wasn’t a book floating around telling people what vitamins/nutrients are in different foods, or even what’s poisonous in the wilderness.  For adults today, and even kids for that matter, it’s hard to tap into that intelligence because of outside influences like marketing and labels of different foods, convenience foods, etc.  So when people crave salt, they reach for the potato chips, or when women crave chocolate during menstruation, they actually need magnesium.  LNT is done after the FE, noting an assessment with a high “tenderness” score or a “failing” score, depending on what the assessment was measured on.  Then with LNT, the client holds a supplement specific to aiding that particular area in his/her mouth for about 30 seconds allowing the taste buds to communicate with the brain in figuring out “Is this what we need today?”  Then the practitioner goes back and re-tests that particular assessment and if that supplement is what the body needs, the score will improve dramatically.  If it’s not what the body needs, the score may stay the same or even worsen.  Either way, it blew my mind once I experienced it myself.


The whole weekend was so incredible and enlightening.  I feel like a lot of things have fallen into place and though we are technically on break, I’m continuing to move forward with my studies.  The next workshop is in August and I’m so looking forward to the reunion as well as learning more and more.

In good health,



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