Workshop Weekend#2

Hi there and happy Thursday!  Exactly one week ago today, I was in Herndon, VA at my NTA workshop taking my midterm.  😱 Our midterm grades consisted of a Client/Practitioner folder (where I evaluate a real life practice client on eating habits and health symptoms, perform part of the functional evaluation, and make real life recommendations), a written exam on our info up to and including Module 6, and to perform half of the functional evaluation on a fellow student in front of an instructor.  It was stressful and I was crazy nervous, but truthfully I was definitely prepared so I made it through despite nerves and anxiety!

Test day was the first day, followed by some new material that evening.  Then the rest of the workshop was filled with tons of new stuff…well, kind of new.  We reviewed modules we have had access to for a while but a major part of the workshop at all is to properly learn the functional evaluation and to make sure we can do each point and test correctly.  So we had the rest of the FE to learn which covered 6 more modules, as well as a bunch of case studies.

Needless to say, it was a very mentally taxing weekend.  However I do love getting together with my classmates at these workshops.  There is just something so comforting to be around such like minded people and not have anyone question certain things you do….like here, no one gives anyone a weird look for putting a pinch of sea salt in their water bottle.  We know why.  We don’t look at anyone funny for checking out an ingredient list before eating, or being excited for something like homemade chocolate avocado pudding with only 4 ingredients.  NTPs unite! Haha 🙂 

One of the challenges with travel is always what to eat.  Thankfully I am close enough to Herndon that it’s only a few hours drive so I’m able to bring a bunch of food to avoid having to go shopping there or depend on restaurants.  I brought a good variety of packaged snacks and homemade foods. I felt last time that I didn’t bring enough good saturated fats so I made sure to include some this time.


These are really some of my personal favorites.  Dang coconut chips bacon flavor.  I’ve tried a few different kinds of these chips and I love them all.  Those Kind chocolate chili almond bars provide such a delicious blend of spicy and sweet, I can’t even take it. All the epic brand snacks are super tasty and from healthy animals.  I’m more into the jerky bites and trail mix than the bar though.  Those beets from TJs are a great crunchy snacks as the only ingredient is beets! And holy moly, the chocolate chip macaroons…to die for.  They are so incredibly yummy and perfect for satisfying that sweet craving with just one macaroon!

Sadly the plantain chips didn’t really get much attention because I intended to bring those to go with a new batch of fermented salsa, but for any number of reasons, this batch didn’t quite work….moldy!! Uugghhh.

I also made several foods to live on for four days.


Things don’t get much easier than cut up veggies and bananas.  Second to that is plain baked chicken breasts, cut up to be drizzled with hot sauce.

In the mason jars, I have a quinoa salad.  Recipe here.  Changes I made were little things like using homemade bone broth, organic whenever possible, soaked black beans, and I chose to replace the jalapeno with a diced cucumber.

The big bag on the bottom left are energy bites.  I make these all the time for travel (and staying home haha).  Recipe here.

The middle bag is egg muffins made with pasture raised eggs, bacon, cheese, and spinach.  These are fantastic for a quick microwave breakfast, particularly in a hotel room.  Recipe here.

Finally, these were new to me and really gave everything that needed final touch.  Coconut oil melt aways.  This is my recipe but it came about by accident so I wasn’t intending to share this like the fancy food bloggers.



Inspired by the melt aways in the Practical Paleo cookbook, driven by my impatience of waiting for my 1/2 cup measuring cup in the dishwasher, and my indecisiveness on choosing between Orange and mint… This is what happened…

1/3 cup coconut oil

1/3 cup coconut cream

2 tsp pure maple syrup

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1-2 tsp orange zest

3 drops Citrus Fresh Young Living essential oil

2 drops Peppermint Young Living essential oil

*try orange extract and peppermint extract if EOs aren’t your thing

**Young Living essential oils are the only oils I recommend consuming.

Just scoop these into a lined mini muffin pan, and pop the pan in the freezer for a few minutes.  Store these in the fridge or freezer!

So now that the workshop is over, it’s back to the grind with studying and practicing!

In good health,


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